Dr. Anne Marie Fine

This Newport Beach-based doctor, award-winning researcher, best-selling author and highly sought-after national and international speaker focuses on natural medicine and beauty from the inside-out


  Dr. Anne Marie Fine. Photo courtesy of Tony Florez

Dr. Anne Marie Fine. Photo courtesy of Tony Florez

How and why did you enter the field of integrative medicine? 

I discovered integrative medicine in my 20s, which completely transformed my health. I had seen multiple doctors for my own chronic health problems that had followed me from childhood into adulthood, and no pill or drug or surgical procedure seemed to do the trick. Then I discovered how powerful changing my diet and lifestyle could be! Not only did specific symptoms vanish, but I felt overall healthier and more energetic! I wanted to give others that opportunity and free them from their persistent health problems, too. I eventually left my successful career as a financial executive and went to medical school so that I could change other people’s health and lives as mine had been changed. I call this the practice of transformational medicine.

I went on to formulate my own line, called the IAMFINE Pure Skin Collection, which is available at my practice at Wdowin NMD—an integrative, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine clinic located in the heart of Newport Beach, or on my website at drannemariefine.com. I also recently wrote a No. 1 international bestseller called Cracking the Beauty Code: How to program your DNA for health, vitality and younger-looking skin. In my book, I demonstrate that genes are not our destiny and highlight the scientifically proven, best practices for turning your beauty genes on, and turning down the genes that contribute to aging and poor health.

What is your philosophy of how you work as a doctor? 

My approach to both health and beauty is that our bodies are intelligently designed to be healthy and have the ability to heal and self-correct if treated properly. When you eat naturally, live naturally, spend time in nature and put natural products on your skin, your body will function better and healthier, and this will be reflected in your skin, which is simply a reflection of your health on the inside. What I have learned in my 17 years of practicing medicine is that your health is your real wealth and it is created from the inside-out!

The modern epidemic of autoimmune diseases and chronic illness that we see today responds beautifully to my treatment philosophy. In my practice, I seek to restore full and vibrant health by discovering the underlying cause of problems—I don’t just treat specific symptoms! I focus strongly on Environmental Medicine as the next paradigm shift in medicine is recognizing that environmental toxins are everywhere (our homes, food, air, personal care products); build up in our bodies; and contribute to nearly all chronic illnesses, including autoimmune diseases and cancer. Increasingly, studies show that skin can absorb toxins from personal-care products, which are often formulated with harmful chemicals, and those toxins cause health problems and premature skin aging. This is what compelled me to formulate my own line of non-toxic, anti-aging skin care products. My products are raw, vegan and gluten-free, and no fossil fuels or solvents were used in the extraction of my organic seed oils. 

As the Director of Education for Naturopathic Academy of Environmental Medicine, I bring together the leaders in this field to teach the new generation of physicians about these concepts. This is a fast-moving movement in medicine that is gaining ground for successfully treating the new crop of illnesses related to our modern, technological, industrial lifestyles. I also use bio-identical hormones, nutritional therapy, IV therapy, recent advances in genomic and epigenetic (the environmental factors that result in particular genes being expressed or not) medicine, and personalized detoxification protocols to promote optimal wellbeing, avoidance of disease and anti-aging results. My practice seeks to unlock true human potential by optimizing health, and goes far beyond just looking good—it promotes feeling good, too! Beauty and wellness are intertwined. In my practice, nutrition, beauty, fitness, spirituality and emotional well-being combine to enable us to live our best lives!

What unique therapy do you bring to the world of natural medicine and beauty? 

I use a high-tech, FDA-approved medical device called Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) that speeds healing and also functions as a non-surgical facelift. FSM is energy medicine that works by the concept of biological resonance. FSM is my secret weapon in both health and beauty. I have had great success using it for pain, peripheral neuropathy, adrenal rejuvenation, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, disk problems, lung conditions, liver detoxification, brain fog, PTSD, insomnia and facial rejuvenation, among other things.

What inspired you to launch Fine Natural Products? What was the vision and how has it evolved? 

Years ago, I was confronted with escalating autoimmune diseases, including Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (an epidemic in my practice), chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia in nearly all of my female patients. Through research, I discovered that toxicants in personal-care products were contributing to this, and women, of course, use far more personal-care products than men. When I looked for non-toxic, anti-aging products for my female patients, I was shocked to find out how much ‘green-washing’ existed in this space. Many products contain harmful perfumes, preservatives or other additives that have been shown to contribute to health problems. While I started with only my IAMFINE Pure Skin Collection products, I soon realized that physicians simply weren’t educated in this overlooked source of chemicals in their patients. So, I started speaking on this topic (endocrine disruptors in personal-care products) at medical conferences all over the world. This was so well-received that I decided to go straight to the consumers and developed an online course called ‘The Beauty Bluff: It’s not you, it’s your personal care products poisoning you,’ to deliver the material in an easier-to-understand format. I expanded on this idea and recently published my best-selling book, and I am currently working on another online course for women called The ‘IAMFINE Protocol for Beauty and Wellness,’ which will represent my lifelong commitment to unlocking both the secrets and the science of aging beautifully.

Discuss the importance of using organic, botanical and vitamin-based skin-care products. What are the benefits one can expect to achieve? 

The quality of what you put on your skin is of paramount importance due to dermal absorption of some of the ingredients. Some of these ingredients, called endocrine disruptors, get into your blood stream and cause hormonal disruption in your body. This is why there is so much hormonal imbalance in our patients, affecting even younger people and contributing to premature puberty in our children. Even our babies are being born pre-polluted with their cord blood containing pesticides, flame retardants, heavy metals and ingredients found in personal-care products. They are exposed in utero to mom’s toxic environment and often pay the price in their own health challenges.

Botanical beauty is hot and on trend as consumers become more educated and aware about what ingredients to avoid and also what the health and environmental impacts might be. A recent survey of American women showed that 54 percent of them said that it’s important that their skin-care purchases are all natural. I carefully sourced my ingredients from my global travels, where I searched for the most effective, plant-based ingredients to work their magic on the skin. The IAMFINE Pure Skin Collection features two products: Youth Serum and a Purifying Mask. The Youth Serum is a concentrated blend of organic seed oils (blueberry, pomegranate, cranberry, pumpkin), potent and rare skin-rejuvenating essential oils and vitamins that deeply moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, resulting in glowing, younger-looking skin. The Purifying Mask addresses the environmental pollution that each of us literally faces every day that has been shown in recent studies to accelerate aging and age spots. The Purifying Mask has been dubbed the ’15-minute facelift’ for its fast effects on lifting and toning the face, while also pulling out toxins from the skin.

What motivates you? 

I have a deep passion for natural medicine that stems from my own nearly miraculous results from using it to overcome my own intractable health issues. I love helping people overcome illnesses that they were told they just have to live with, and I also love helping people in a more preventive way to avoid disease and to be able to live a fully optimized life that they love in a body they adore. I bring a new dimension of personal attention to all of my patients and provide tailored, compassionate and insightful medical care.



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