Crawford Custom Homes

Dedicated to providing the very best in high-end homes, Crawford Custom Homes has built its name—and sterling reputation for excellence—with uncompromising principles and a total team effort that benefits their clients


  Photo courtesy of Tony Florez

Photo courtesy of Tony Florez

How has Crawford Custom Homes earned its reputation as one of the master builders of Orange County for luxury homes? 

Dick Crawford: With a dream, a great team, a lot of hard work and the support of my loving wife, Kim. As a native Californian and a resident of Coastal Orange County most of my life, I dreamed of becoming a master builder and started my company in 1981. Early on, I was blessed to have acquired some of the most talented, creative and passionate people in the industry and most are still with me. Kimberly Smith, our vice president of operations, has worked tirelessly for 28 years to ensure a tightly run organization with meticulous documentation and exceptional customer service. Dean Shears, one of our talented project managers, has been with us for almost 30 years and is a dedicated master craftsman with a tremendous eye for detail. Dave Reischman, affectionately known as our ‘Emerald Bay Ambassador,’ has served as a project manager for over 17 years, accommodating and caring for our Emerald Bay clients, neighbors and HOA with a can-do attitude that has earned our team an exemplary reputation in the EB community. Dan Murray, a master builder himself, is a highly gifted project manager with design detailing skills that have solved many complex constructability issues we have faced over the last 16 years. Our project managers Bob Renaud, Brian Minker, Pat Paternie, Steve Lynch and John Hummer all have a wealth of knowledge, deep experience, are highly gifted with creative talent and have a tremendous work ethic. Our office team is fantastic. Minnie Romero, our accounts receivable specialist, has been on our team for 16 years and is so dedicated; she cheerfully deals with the many ins and outs of our accounting process. Johnette Marmo, Connie Barraclough, and Leilani Cruttenden serve our extended subcontractor team with their collective experience in accounts payable and contract administration with respect and great attitudes. Our company has worked diligently for 36 years creating a tightly run organization to build a reputation that serves our clients, team members, subcontractors, and design professionals efficiently and effectively. 

Kimberly, how have you created a tightly run organization that many other general contracting firms have not been able to accomplish? 

Dick has given me the freedom and creative license to carry out my vision through the years to lay down a strong foundation and structure for our company.  We are solid and run our business like a well-oiled machine. Effective software for accounting, scheduling, project management and communications are imperative. Mutual respect, team building, and service are our cornerstones. I truly enjoy working with Dick. He believes in us and supports us and we all benefit from our collective contributions. Dick is a man of very high integrity and we all feel honored to work with and for him.

Dean, you have worked for Crawford Custom Homes for almost 30 years. That’s a long time in this industry. Why such loyalty? 

Loyalty is easy when it is mutual. Even at times when we project managers are in between projects, Dick finds a way to keep us going, so we keep our team together. He is very involved in every project and he sees our individual commitment and the level of effort that we put into each project as though it were our own. Dick enjoys the process of building and he makes himself available to mentor, coach, and stand beside us in client meetings where he is very involved, although he lets us take full ownership of our project.  

Dick, how does all this benefit the client? 

Simply: We care. We act as a team to serve our clients like no other. Our dedicated work ethic focus assures our clients that we leave no stone unturned. We look for new innovative ideas, the best installation of quality materials, and offer meticulous attention to detail that results in extraordinary homes. We resolve issues effectively and timely with other design professionals and anticipate our clients’ needs to make the process as enjoyable and exciting as possible. Our homes have unsurpassed quality and our clients can actually experience a ‘wow factor’—the ‘Crawford difference’—in living there.

In what ways does Crawford Custom Homes give back to the community?

We feel that it is a responsibility to help our community and those who are less fortunate. We have a huge heart for those in need: the homeless, the hungry, those who need a leg up to turn their lives around. I have served on the board of the Orange County Second Harvest Food Bank and Serving People In Need [SPIN] for many years. We contribute our time and talent and raise funds for both organizations every year. Both my wife and Kimberly have spent numerous hours volunteering, organizing various fundraisers, annual dinners and encouraging people in our community to participate in caring for the less fortunate. 

When we look at our lives, Kim and I are so blessed! Blessed by our Crawford Custom Homes team, blessed by our wonderful clients, blessed to work with creative professionals and talented building partners, and blessed by our community. We are all blessed to live in one of the absolute nicest places in the world! 



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