Putting a Stamp On It

The connoisseurs behind Sugar Paper share their love for chic stationary—and time-honored tradition—with Newport Beach 


Written by Amy Adams

Sugar Paper_Newport Beach store_7.jpg

There’s something particularly special about receiving, or sending, a hand-written note. Something of a pastime, really—the unexpected arrival of a thick, square-shaped, uniquely embellished envelope that appears in the mail, standing out among a sea of rectangular letters and bulky catalogs. But when you walk in to Sugar Paper’s new brick-and-mortar Lido Marina Village boutique (the first located in the Brentwood Country Mart), you too will instantly feel inspired to dust off your No.2 pencil and put it to paper. To visit the quaint shop, commissioned by Studio LIFE.STYLE, which designed the space to be “a beautiful white jewel box,” is to (momentarily) abandon tech messaging—the proverbial thank-you text, follow-up email and occasional e-vite—in exchange for a more personal communiqué. Inside, the delicate space is neatly filled with a wondrous display of bespoke stationary—greeting cards, notebooks, calendars, candles, shiny desk accessories, and more—distinctly curated by self-proclaimed traditionalists and co-founders Chelsea Shukov and Jamie Grobecker. “Having a decade of experience in retail, we designed the store to specifically highlight our product in a way that properly tells the Sugar Paper story,” says Grobecker. “While the flagship store will always hold a special place in our heart, this Newport Beach shop is certainly our dream Sugar Paper store.” Today, the brand continues to grow, collaborating with the likes of J.Crew and Target, while expanding as far as Harrod’s in London. Lucky for us locals, this darling gem is just around the corner.

3431 Via Oporto, Suite 105, Newport Beach, CA 92663 | SugarPaper.com

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