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Meats and service take top priority at The Butchery


Written by Susan Irby

  Brian Smith (L) and Robert Hagopian (R), owners of The Butchery. Photo courtesy of The Butchery

Brian Smith (L) and Robert Hagopian (R), owners of The Butchery. Photo courtesy of The Butchery

To stop at one of The Butchery’s three Orange County locations is to step into a niche butcher shop with meats and service a cut above the local meat counter. After the success of its first location in Costa Mesa nearly eight years ago, co-owner Robert Hagopian says, “We’re a butcher shop, that’s what we do.” From the Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef to the Salmon Creek Farms bone-in pork chops and signature marinated chicken, The Butchery’s specialty cuts and unique products are of the utmost quality, separating it from the crowd. Adds Hagopian, “Today’s customer wants quality, and they desire knowledgeable, attentive service.” For this reason, The Butchery hires highly skilled culinary students and chefs as the core of its staff. One such staff member is General Manager Ryan Calhoun, who says, “Our goal is to educate customers so they know what they are eating, and to offer tips and techniques on how to prepare their selections.” In addition to prime protein, The Butchery offers a distinguished array of fine wines; a full deli with options including the mouth-watering speck prosciutto, porchetta with rosemary, and an assortment of gourmet cheese, such as Truffle Tremor, Saint Agur French blue, and well-loved Humboldt Fog goat. More adventuresome palates will enjoy foie gras and exotic meats (wild boar, elk, bison, venison and beyond). Finally, for a show-stopping cut, indulge in the Tomahawk, which weighs nearly three pounds on average and features a bone worthy of the dinosaur age. 


Crystal Cove, 8058 E. PCH, Newport Coast, CA ~ (*Locations also in Costa Mesa and Brea)