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As president and CEO of Pure Elements Water, longtime entrepreneur Rick Allen has made it his mission to enhance water quality with custom, environmentally sound solutions


  Dianne & Rick Allen. Photo courtesy of Tony Florez

Dianne & Rick Allen. Photo courtesy of Tony Florez

When and why did you decide to start Pure Elements Water? What was the overall intention? 

This is my third company; I started my first one in 1979. In the past 40 years, I built and sold two water treatment companies before starting Pure Elements Water. We have been continually adjusting to changes in the economy, homebuilding market, water quality, health education and technologies. Our primary goal has always been to provide a healthier home living environment for everyone through water quality enhancement. In following this path, we have become intimately involved with both custom and production homebuilders, the health and wellness community, and of course, the current homeowner. We integrate the latest and most innovative total property approaches to addressing water quality issues throughout the home, pool and irrigation systems. We are unique because we custom design our systems based on each client’s specific water quality—we are definitely not a generic, one-size-fits-all company. In addition, all of our systems are environment-friendly.

Describe your approach for building your business to where it is today.

Our approach is simple. We provide an affordable way to enjoy a healthier and more convenient home lifestyle for people locally and across the country. The Pure Elements Water staff researches each municipality (and provides testing for wells) so that we can solve the existing water quality issues with custom-designed systems. We also work to protect our planet by providing innovative, exclusive technologies that are environmentally sound. An important aspect of our business is a focus on emerging technologies as they become available and proven. All of this, combined with superior customer service, has catapulted our company to our current position as an industry leader.

What cornerstones of your business do you credit with becoming a renowned leader in the water treatment industry? 

In 1981, my companies pioneered the Options Programs for water systems to be offered as upgrades by production homebuilders through their design centers. We have designed and installed high-end luxury estate home water systems costing more than $120,000 for discerning clients with special properties, and have more than 80 estate home systems in Newport Coast alone. Pure Elements Water is the only company providing systems that solve Total Property needs, benefiting the home, pool, water features and landscape irrigation. When focusing on health, we have special systems designed to address fluoride and other hard-to-remove toxins. We have spent years learning what is eating copper pipes in Southern California and around the country, and are the only experts regarding preventing pinhole leaks in copper plumbing. Pure Elements Water has been 100-percent successful for nearly 10 years in stopping leaks caused by chemicals in our water. This is true even in homes that have experienced multiple leaks in the past. We accomplish this without the cost and disruption of re-piping or epoxy lining processes. Our team continues to monitor health-related concerns about re-piping with PEX plastic piping and epoxy linings, suggesting that homeowners faced with pinhole leaks thoroughly research their options. Our systems cost less than the alternatives, stop the leaks and also provide exceptional water quality throughout the home. 

Tell me about the services Pure Elements Water provides. How do you assess a household’s water quality? 

We provide whole house and Total Property water systems. In determining how to design a custom system, we assess water quality with a thorough analysis of municipal Consumer Confidence (Annual Water Quality) reports, lab testing and visible issues inside the home. We then design and quote the system, fabricate to our specifications, install or ship the system, and provide start-up and programming (or consultation, if out of state).

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How do you work with homebuilders and contractors to ensure the utmost in water quality? 

Our systems are available in many of the production homebuilder’s projects through their design centers and plumbers. We also work with the finest custom homebuilders and their plumbers to design and install unique systems for each client’s personal needs. All systems are designed for the specific application, owner’s desires and water-quality issues.

Describe your other endeavorsand how these involvements energize you in the business realm. 

We really are an entrepreneurial family. I have been playing music in bands since I was 12 years old. My current band, Pinch Me!, is a five-piece group that plays locally in clubs and for charity/corporate events (with an occasional wedding). This band has been together since 2003, with a few personnel changes. We are featured at major events around town, including the Corona del Mar Christmas Walk (this will be our ninth year), Lobsterfest, and in the past the Balboa Island Parade After Party. Pinch Me! has a heart—we have played at many charity events, including Walk Now for Autism Speaks at Angel Stadium and the Rose Bowl, Down Syndrome, Mr. Irrelevant, Cure Duchenne and Semester at Sea. I am passionate about music, and it feeds my creative side. It is a great stress-reliever.

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My wife Dianne is an entrepreneur as well. She is a well-respected Realtor for Provenance Realty Group in Laguna Beach. She also owns California Vacation Rentals and Property Management, which manages short-term and vacation rentals for high-end coastal properties. Recently, Dianne was appointed as Director of Health and Wellness for Pure Elements Water, working with health and alternative care professionals who are referring clients as part of their regimen for optimum health. Apparently, we both like to keep very busy!

What trends are you currently seeing in your industry? 

Water quality is getting worse. Disinfectant levels are increasing (chlorine and chloramines); they have gone up nearly ten-fold in the past 10 years. There is a reliance on PEX plastic tubing to replace copper pipes, but there are major trending concerns about off-gassing, chemical leaching, biofilm growth, and recently a concern about resistance to today’s chemicals in our water. The water treatment industry in general is becoming a me-too, Internet-driven business selling one-size-fits-all systems that do not address many of today’s specific water quality problems. As products become cheaper with this mass-marketing approach, the consumer suffers. Most standard systems will not address the array of problems found in household water, as this varies greatly by area and supply. 

When it comes to water, what must we do to ensure longevity for both Southern California and the planet? 

We need to be aware! Bottled water is a real blight on the planet. Forty billion plastic bottles end up in landfills and millions end up in our oceans, and it takes up to 1,000 years for them to break down. In addition, plastic bottles can leach chemicals into the bottled water that mimic liquid estrogen, which has been related to many types of cancer. People need to recycle, take control and treat their own household water; find ways to save water in water features and landscaping; and pay attention to water trends in their area.

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