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As owner of Rejoy Interiors, Rejoy Marsella combines strong design principles and style to create luxurious spaces that perfectly capture the vibe and essence of her clients


  Photo courtesy of Tony Florez

Photo courtesy of Tony Florez

When and how did you first develop a passion for interior design? 

I remember designing my very own Barbie dream house when I was five years old. I asked my grandmother to buy me one of those pink plastic houses. Instead, she responded with ‘Why don’t you make one?’ and handed me a cardboard box. I spent hours designing that little house! I wanted it to be special, so I remember drawing on the walls to create the illusion of wallpaper. I used drinking straws and tape to make curtain rods and hung tissue paper as drapery panels. I’ll never forget the feeling of just using my imagination and playing…being completely lost in creating. On that day I fell in love with designing and I have loved interior design ever since. ‘Thank you, grandma!’

Do you have a specialty or signature you’re known for? 

My work always feels joyful, clean and elegant, but I’ve intentionally stayed away from being pinned down to one ‘signature’ style. I’ve worked on so many different types of projects, including traditional, transitional and contemporary. My ultimate goal is to create spaces that capture the vibe and essence of my clients, so you’ll find that my work varies from home to home. Honestly, the greatest compliment I’ve heard over and over again is, ‘Finally, my home is so me now!’ 

Who is the Rejoy Interiors client? 

I design for clients that live full, rich, busy lives. They work hard because they value a high quality of life, not just in their home, but in their work, personal relationships, physical well-being, everything. My clients want to come home every day to a space that feels artfully, personally and beautifully curated, but they don’t have the time or expertise to create the look they truly desire.

What is your design philosophy? 

I truly believe that when your home feels authentic and beautiful to you, it affects your life on every level. When you walk into a really thoughtfully designed room, you feel this deep sense of pleasure, peace and enjoyment. I don’t just make rooms look pretty, I allow my clients to experience their home, family and friends on an elevated level. I see my work transform lives.

From where do you draw inspiration? 

I’m inspired by nature all of the time! Even while driving, I can see a beautiful sunset and start putting together a gorgeous color scheme in my head. Or I’ll walk along the beach and notice how the colors harmonize on the inside of a seashell, or remember the textural look of rocks against the sand.

You’ve appeared on television. What did that involve? 

That was one of the most fun and intense experiences of my life! I was invited to design for a TV show called Merge with Lisa Rinna. Every episode, we would work with newlyweds who had radically different tastes, and Lisa and I would have to ‘merge’ their two homes while they were away on their honeymoon. It was incredibly fast-paced, and we had very limited budgets. I have to say, it exercised my creative brain in ways that design school, or even other real design projects, never did. I found that having lots of restrictions actually set my imagination into over-drive. It was a lot of fun!

What are some design trends you’re seeing right now? 

Light and bright is so popular right now! Most of my clients are asking for white or very light wood tones for their cabinetry. The lines of furniture have gotten cleaner and more contemporary. My favorite look right now is ‘organic contemporary’—the lines are clean and minimalistic, but the overall feeling is very warm and inviting because it’s inspired by nature.

Your single best piece of advice for a new designer is…? 

One of my biggest designer inspirations, Barbara Barry, once said, ‘Do everything you do with love.’ It sounds like a cliché, but the more I think about it, the more I really believe it’s the key to success. To be good at anything in life, we have put our whole heart into it. When you’re loving what you do, your creativity just works for you. So, if you’re not feeling the love, think about why, or try a different approach.

What elements should be in every well-designed room? 

I think that a room can follow every design rule and still not be complete until it has something personal in it that brings you joy. It could be a souvenir from a vacation, a piece of art you love looking at or a photo of a loved one. Your space has to be beautiful and well designed for you—it has to be uniquely yours, or it never feels quite right.

What’s next for Rejoy Interiors? 

I’m incredibly excited right now because I’m in the process of creating an eco-chic candle line. Beautiful interiors tantalize two of our senses—visual and tactile—but our sense of smell is so powerful. When you add the luxury of an exquisite scent to a space, it blissfully elevates the experience.

  Photo courtesy of Tony Florez

Photo courtesy of Tony Florez


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